University of Saint Mary contracts with Aramark to provide students with quality and nutritionally balanced meals in Saint Joseph Dining Hall.  All meals are served cafeteria style. Aramark cooperates with students in accommodating medically necessary diets, and requests for such accommodations should be made to Cody Lewis or Michael Hunt, Aramark dining office, 913-758-6543 or 913-758-6525.  Sack meals are provided upon request made three (3) days in advance, for students needing to miss a meal due to student teaching, class schedule conflict, or scheduled activity as a member of a university sports team or other university-sponsored activity, program, or event. 

All students participating in the meal plan must show USM ID cards for service.  Students not on the meal plan, faculty, staff and guests may purchase meal tickets from the Spire Spirit Shop during operating hours.  Meal costs are posted in the dining hall. 

Students may return to the service line for unlimited seconds, provided they remain in the dining area.  No meals may be shared with another person.  Meal sharing will be considered theft and the student who provided the meal and the student who ate the meal will both be referred to the discipline process. 

Students are expected to clear their dishes and trash from the dining area when meals are completed.  All dining hall dishware must remain in the dining hall.  Students should not remove dishes, glasses or silverware from the dining hall.  A charge of $10 will be assessed for each item removed and found outside the dining hall in a student’s possession. 

Disruptive behavior is not tolerated in the dining hall. 

If a residential student has been seen by a doctor for an illness and does not feel well enough to go to the dining hall for meals, a friend may pick up a “sick tray” request from student life.  The friend may then go through the cafeteria line and take a tray to the sick student. 

Failure to follow expectations may result in disciplinary sanctions, up to and including denial of dining hall privileges. 

Revised:  08/05/2014, 08/04/2015