Each new cleared student receives an identification (ID) card during Fall registration from student life. At the beginning the Spring semester, cleared students will be issued a current term sticker which is affixed to their ID card from student life.  The ID card is necessary for residence hall access, access to other campus buildings when required, food service, some campus events, use of the library, and access to sports facilities and equipment.  Every student must carry a USM ID card at all times and present it when requested by any university staff member, including administrators, faculty, staff, public safety, or, an agent of the university when acting in performance of their duties and within the scope of their authority. 

Important information about your USM ID card:

  • The USM card is your official identification card;

  • If your USM card is lost, stolen, thrown away, demagnetized or damaged, there is a $8 replacement fee;

  • Once a USM card is reported lost or stolen it is cancelled and it CANNOT be reactivated if found;

  • Each student, faculty, and staff member is entitled to carry only one active card. 

  • Please do not cut, scratch, or otherwise deface or mutilate your USM card. Cell phones can deactivate IDs so keep them separate.  Such damage may render your card invalid and may also cause damage to card access equipment. Falsification, theft, lending a card to someone, or other improper use of a USM ID or use of an inappropriate card to receive university services will result in disciplinary action. 

Revised:  08/05/2014