General Information

The University of Saint Mary assumes no responsibility for damage to vehicles parked or operated on campus, or for articles left in them, nor for lost/stolen parking permits. Bringing a motor vehicle to campus is a privilege, not a right. USM does not exclude any group of students from this privilege.

Motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds are also motor vehicles and must comply with all registration policies, rules, and regulations. No member of the USM community may register a vehicle for the purpose of obtaining campus parking privileges for non-students or non-employees. Skateboards, roller blades, inline skates, or other skating devices are not allowed on campus.

Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Parking rules are enforced every day of the year including breaks and holidays.

Occasionally, special short-term conditions arise that may call for temporarily amending or suspending a part of these regulations. Citations will be issued to violators of any temporary signs or barricades and violators may be subject to towing without advanced warning.

Motor Vehicle Registration

All motor vehicles operated on campus by employees and students must be registered and have a USM registration permit displayed. The permit will be displayed, in plain view, hanging from the rearview mirror.  If a mirror is not present, the permit may be placed in view on the dash.  There is a fee of $25 per semester for parking permits.  This fee must be paid in the Student Life Office, located in Saint Mary 106.  After the fee is paid take the receipt to the Campus Safety and Security Office, located in Berchmans 012, where you will be issued your permit.  Failure to register your vehicle will result in a $25 fine.  A lost permit can be replaced for a $5 replacement fee.

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles operating on USM grounds will maintain the state minimum liability insurance. Failure to maintain insurance will result in the suspension of parking/driving privileges on campus.

Guest Parking

The Campus Safety and Security Office will issue a temporary parking permit for daytime, weekend, and overnight visitors and guests. Overnight guests must display a temporary permit to avoid ticketing.

Authorized Student Parking

All parking spaces are “open parking” for students unless designated and/or posted otherwise. A USM parking permit must be displayed.

Parking is restricted in the following areas:


  • Main front (Berchmans) circle:  No student parking is allowed anytime in the spaces marked “Visitor” and “Admissions”.  From 6:00 pm to 6:00 am students may park in spaces not reserved for visitors and admissions.  As a reminder, this area may be reserved for special events, at which time no student parking is allowed.

  • Mead, Lower Chapel, Miege, and Maria lots reserved for designated/listed vehicles only.

  • Students and employees are not allowed to park in Cantwell Hall parking behind Ryan Sports Center.  This is reserved for Sisters of Charity parking only.

  • Parking is not allowed inside or around the Sisters of Charity cemetery.

Parking and Traffic Regulations


  • Speed limit on campus is 15 mph, unless otherwise posted.

  • When parking, the entire vehicle must be located within the marked boundary of the parking space. All vehicles should take up only one parking space.

  • Operators shall come to a full stop at all stop signs and use the proper turn signals; operators will also yield where designated. Operators will yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks, in parking lots, intersections, and/or other congested areas. No person should obstruct the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on university premises or at any university-sponsored or supervised activity.

  • The main front circle is a one-way lane in a clockwise direction. Operators of all vehicles, bicycles and other forms of transportation are required to comply with the one-way traffic pattern.

  • Handicap spaces are only for vehicles bearing the proper State issued designation. Vehicles not bearing the proper designation and USM permit will be cited and subject to immediate towing.

  • No parking areas

o Campus lawn

o Access drives

o Sidewalks

o Loading dock area

o Yellow curb zones

o Fire Lanes

o Any area not specifically marked as a parking area

o There is no parking in grassy areas unless such area is designated for event parking

  • Operating a motor vehicle on the sidewalk or grass is prohibited unless specifically authorized by Campus Safety. No vehicle shall be operated in such a manner as to cause interference with university operations.

  • If a person parks in violation of regulations and does not receive a citation, this does not mean the regulation is no longer in effect or valid.

  • Parking citations may be issued within 24 hours for the same offense but not less than 12 hours after the initial citation. All parking citations must be paid within 10 business days to avoid additional citations.


Towing Policy

All grounds at USM are private property and USM reserves the right to remove any vehicle parked or operated in such a manner as to violate campus parking/vehicle operation policies.  Vehicles may be towed at any time as dictated by Campus Safety officials for the following reasons:

  • Vehicles receiving four or more parking citations within a Fall/Spring Semester school year

  • Vehicles blocking a legally parked vehicle

  • Vehicles parked in fire lanes/zones

  • Vehicles parked in handicap spaces

  • Blocking entrances, drives, or vehicle right of way.

  • Any vehicle without a registration permit that has four or more parking violations on file will be towed at the owner’s expense and removed from campus property.

All associated towing and storage fees are the responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle. USM assumes no liability for the vehicles towed.



  • Failure to register vehicle $25

  • Illegally parked in non-parking, restricted or reserved areas $30

  • Illegally parked on grass or walkway $30

  • Illegally parked in fire zone/lane $100

  • Illegally parked in handicap space $150

  • Stop sign violation $75

  • Operating vehicle in unsafe manner $75

  • Failure to comply with public safety officer $50

  • Other $30

These are the fines for first offenses. All fines automatically double with each violation received.

Fines not paid will result in a hold being placed on the student’s account. Students receiving an excess number of tickets will be referred to the Student Life Office for discipline referral regarding Failure to Comply with Campus Policies.


Parking and traffic fine appeals must be made and received within ten (10) days of the offense at the Campus Safety and Security Office, located in Berchmans 012. The Director of Campus Safety and Security will review all appeals.  Outstanding fines must be paid prior to registering for the next academic semester.

Appeal forms may be obtained from the Business Office or the Campus Safety and Security Office.

Appeal forms may be obtained from the Business Office or Campus Safety and Security Office. Appeals are reviewed and ruled upon by the Parking Appeals Committee.  The committee’s decision on an appeal is final.  The committee will meet the first week of each month and will contact students via USM email within three days with the decision on your appeal.  If approved, the fine will be removed from student accounts. Appeals cannot be made to campus safety and security officers.  Campus safety and security officers do not void parking tickets. 

Revised:  08/05/2014, 07/17/2015