Recognition of Student Organizations

The university community is defined in many ways by the activities of its students. University of Saint Mary officially sponsors organizations whose purposes, goals, and activities are consistent with the mission of the university.  The university reserves the right to review the activities of student organizations and to monitor compliance with university policies. 

Students who share a common interest may apply for recognition as a student organization. Application forms are available in the Student Life Office.  With approval of the application by the Student Government Association (SGA), student organizations are permitted to identify themselves directly with the university.  Only student organizations that maintain SGA recognition by following all applicable policies and procedures are eligible to request permission to use university facilities or services.  If a group obtains recognition from SGA, the group is eligible for SGA funding. 

Contact the Student Life Office for more information on forming student organizations. 


Annual Registration of Student Organizations

To maintain the listing of active student organizations recognized by the university, each organization is required to submit a registration form to the Student Life Office at the beginning of the fall semester.  Organizations that apply for and obtain SGA recognition become eligible for SGA funding. 

Student Eligibility for Participation in Student Organizations and Groups


To be eligible to participate in student groups and activities, students must maintain satisfactory academic standing.  To be eligible to hold office or other leadership positions in any recognized student organization, Residence Life, or intercollegiate (NAIA) athletics, students may not be on academic probation or disciplinary probation.  Students or departmental organizations reserve the right to set higher academic and behavioral standards for their members.  The departmental or organizational advisor is responsible for confirming the eligibility of the student members of the organization and addressing ineligibility as necessary.

Event Scheduling by Student Organizations

All events held on campus must be scheduled through Facilities Reservations at ext. 6137.  

Student Organizations: Representing the University and Discipline

Student organizations do not have the authority to contract or speak on behalf of the University without prior written authorization.  Engaging in such conduct, or violating other provisions of this Student Handbook, will be governed by the Student Conduct Disciplinary Procedures.

Revised:  08/05/2014