Mastering the art of resume writing


What is a resume?

A resume is a one- or two-page summary of your education, skills, accomplishments, and experience.

The purpose of your resume is to get your foot in the door. A resume does its job successfully if it does not exclude you from consideration.

To prepare a successful resume, you need to know how to review, summarize, and present your experiences and achievements on one page. Unless you have considerable experience, you don't need two pages. Outline your achievements briefly and concisely.


Here are some quick resume writing tips:


  • Identify your goal.

  • Have a clear objective. If you understand what type of job you want and you understand what companies are offering, you will be much more likely to get your foot in the door.

  • Summarize your key qualifications.

  • What are you strengths and qualifications? Summarize each conicesly.

  • Sell yourself—emphasize what you can do.

  • Present a brief statement that describes what you have done in the past for each major entry. Use action words that grab the reader's attention.


Your resume is your ticket to an interview where you can sell yourself!


See our Sample Resumes:




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