Paperwork required for Athletes and Residents at the University of Saint Mary

We use a system called Athletic Trainer System

  1. Open your internet browser (internet explorer seems to work best, except IE10)

  2. Click the button below or Enter in the address (no www, or //, etc.)

     Visit ATS ‣‣ 


  3. Enter “new” for the user ID

  4. Enter “new” for the password

  5. Click the “login” button

  6. Fill out the general information to register

  7. All squares in yellow need to be filled out

  8. Create your own user name and password

  9. Click save athlete information

  10. More tabs should appear now

  11. Go to Medical History

  12. Fill out surgery history if it applies to you

  13. Click add to enter new surgical history

  14. Click the check mark to save after each new entry

  15. Fill in Medical History(any question that is answered yes please give details)

  16. Click Save Medical History

  17. Go to Immunizations

  18. Click add to create a record for each new type of immunization

  19. Click the check mark to save after each new entry

  20. Click on the Insurance Tab

  21. Click add to begin entering insurance information

  22. Fill out insurance information

  23. You may need to add a new insurance company if not in the drop down menu

  24. Click the check to save to save all your information

  25. Do the same with the Emergency Contacts tab 

  26. Click on Athlete Forms

  27. IF YOU ARE AN ATHLETE: On the drop down select Athletic Care Policies and press the NEW button, read through and type your name to electronically sign

  28. Click Save

  29. Click on efiles to upload your completed physical and an insurance card copy

  30. Type in a title or description of the file

  31. Click Browse to find your file and select it

  32. Click upload to finish adding the physical and a copy of the insurance card

  33. Document must be less than 1 MB

  34. If having trouble please email or mail copies of the completed physical and/or insurance card to the address below.

Please feel free to email or call Head Athletic Trainer, Raeann Taylor if you have any questions.

Or if you are unable to get access to a computer or scanner please mail your information to

Raeann Taylor, M.Ed, ATC, LAT
4100 S 4th St.
Leavenworth, KS 66048