'Thought Provoking' Conference Addresses Unique Dichotomy of Religion, 'Modern Society'

By Dr. Brian Hughes, Professor of Theology 

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Students from the Theology of Sexuality and Marriage course taught by Theology Professor Dr. Brian W.  Hughes attended the Marriage, Sexuality, and Dating conference at St. Louis University, in St. Louis, on March 1-2.

The conference offered presentations by students on a variety of topics related to the title of the conference ranging from Christian relationships to AIDS.

One of the USM students, Enrique Gonzalez, was one of the six presenters at the conference. His paper titled “A Respectful Outlook on Women” dealt with the role of women in the church and gender inequality.

But to attend this conference, you did not need to submit a paper or to be in a theology class.

“This conference is very informative and thought-provoking, and it’s interesting to hear presentations from other students who go to different universities,” said Maggie Steward.

Ashley Muldoon, another student that took the trip added: “Although many of the things that were discussed at the conference were topics that we discussed in class, I still learned many things, and also got to hear many people’s different opinions.”

For Aaron Potter, something that he took away from the conference was that “theological teaching gives us the “ideal” way to live but one does not or cannot simply live the “ideal” life.” Doing so, “it is to try to put out a fire with a Bible. Perfect principles do not apply to imperfect conditions”, he said.

“In the future […] I will really encourage my peers to go. […] By the end of the conference, I found myself pushed just enough to where growth and reflection could take its course,” Potter concluded.