Gain a global perspective

Earn a global studies degree from USM

Cultures and societies around the world are changing every day.  As a global studies student at the University of Saint Mary, you will analyze international relations in order to gain a complete understanding of the world, how to make it better, and how to succeed.

Global studies majors develop essentials skills to enter the workforce in a variety of fields, or make the jump to any number of professional graduate degree programs nationwide by exploring:

  • Contemporary world events

  • The impact of global issues including expanding communication and transportation networks, energy and food resources, global warming, immigration, income disparity, international crime, debt and monetary policy, terrorism and war

  • Ethical and cultural issues that shape the global landscape

  • And much more

So what will you learn?

  • Global studies combines politics, history, geography, foreign languages and cultures, economics, international business, biology, and anthropology all in one

  • You'll integrate your study of global issues with real-world experiences through related clubs, organizations and internships

  • Global studies majors often combine global studies with political science or history to maximize career marketability