Welcome to the # Spire Nation

Welcome to the University of Saint Mary!

Below are the required steps that ALL STUDENTS must complete no later than Tuesday, Jan. 12*.
*(Helpful hint: the earlier you complete everything on the list, the better!)

If all of the steps below are not completed by Tuesday, Jan. 12*, you will not receive your student ID, which is required in order to:

  • Attend class

  • Eat in the cafeteria

  • Get into the residence halls

  • Attend athletic practices



  • All athletes, residential students, and international students are required to have primary health insurance and to provide proof of insurance upon arrival.

  • Residential non-athletes will be enrolled in the Student Accident Plan carried by USM, unless proof of other insurance is provided.**
    **This Accident Plan only covers accidents that happen on campus and is not a substitute for health insurance.

  • All athletes will also be required to purchase the university's athletic insurance.

  • Go to stmary.edu/medicalforms to complete your information and upload forms through ATS by Jan. 12.


  • All students (residential and commuter) are required to provide a completed Health History Form and Immunization Record.

  • All residential students, international students, and athletes will have additional forms to complete online.

  • Go to stmary.edu/medicalforms to complete your information and upload forms through ATS by Jan. 12.


  • The meningitis vaccination is required for all residential students, according to Kansas State law.

  • The other immunizations required for all students are a Tetanus-Diphtheria booster within the last 10 years, two doses of Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine, and a PPD Tuberculosis test within the last 12 months.

  • Other recommended vaccines are a primary series of Polio vaccine, three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, and Varicella vaccine (if you have not had chicken pox).

  • Go to stmary.edu/medicalforms to complete your information and upload forms through ATS by Jan. 12.


  • If you plan to have a vehicle on campus, please log onto eSpire to register your vehicle.

  • Once your vehicle is registered, your student account will be charged a $100 facilities access fee (which includes the cost of parking),  and a parking permit will be
    issued through Student Life.

  • Review the Student Handbook located on eSpire for vehicle regulations.



  • No later than the start of the semester, your student account balance must be paid in full, — OR —  you must enroll in a payment plan.

  • To check your account balance, make a payment, or enroll in a payment plan, go to My Account Info in eSpire.

  • If you need help, Student Services will be open from 9 a.m.-noon on Saturday, Jan. 14.


  • No later than the start of the semester, your financial aid must be finalized.

  • You should've already completed this year's FAFSA***.
    ***Remember: You'll need to complete a new FAFSA every year.

  • First-time borrowers will need to complete complete entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note (MPN).

  • Check your email for important information from the financial aid office. We'll send these notices to BOTH your Saint Mary email account and to the email address that you used when you submitted your FAFSA.


  • Lost your eSpire login information?

    1. Go to eSpire

    2. Enter your username

    3. Click the "I forgot my password" link (it's just to the right of the password box)

    4. Click "Send new password" on the next screen to confirm that you want to generate a new password

    5. Check your email for a link to create your new eSpire password.

  • What is eSpire? It's the secure web portal where you'll:

    • View course information

    • Register for classes

    • Pay bills

    • View the status of your financial aid

    • Complete coursework

    • See your grades

    • and more!

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