About the ARC

USM's skilled educators will show you how to develop your study skills, learn how to read a text book, improve your writing skills, and master time management.

You'll also learn:

»  how to succeed in college

»  what dorm life is all about 

»  financial aid and all your options to pay for college

»  what you need to know about the registrar's office

»  how to buy books

Develop the skills to succeed

The goal of USM's Academic Resource Center (ARC) is to aid students of all abilities in becoming more effective learners. Available to the entire Saint Mary community, the ARC helps students improve their performance in the critical academic areas of reading, writing, math, and study skills.


The ARC helps students in many different ways, including:


  • providing tutoring in specific subject areas such as math, science, history, and English

  • serving as a writing center, where students can get one-on-one assistance on their writing assignments — in any stage of completion

  • providing information on Chicago, APA, and MLA citation guides

  • providing valuable tips about how to study more effectively

  • meeting the needs of students entitled to accomodations or helping students to develop college-level writing skills

In addition to these services, the ARC also serves as a computer lab. Our machines are the starting point for many students as they tackle a psychology paper or set out to navigate the internet to collect research for a history class.

In order to assist our students in achieving their best academically, the ARC provides support for students with disabilities. This office assists students with obtaining academic accommodations. All students who are currently enrolled at USM, who qualify for services, need to register their documentation with the ARC. After the paperwork has been evaluated, the student, with the assistance of the Academic Resource Center, will create a plan regarding his or her academic needs for the semester. Students who do not register their paperwork and create their plan are not eligible for academic accommodations.