Meeting society's need for health care professionals

As the U.S. population ages, the country's pressing need for more and highly trained health care professionals continues to grow. For dedicated students, the opportunities in this highly rewarding and high-demand career field have never been greater.

Health care education is deeply rooted in the University of Saint Mary tradition. Our founders, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, have a long-standing dedication to health care, health care education, and meeting the most pressing needs of society. 

USM is well regarded for the quality of our established health care education programs, and continues to add new offerings under the guidance of nationally renowned expert instructors.

Explore our health care programs:

DPT ThumbnailDoctor of Physical Therapy

Dive into a burgeoning avenue of health care with USM's first doctoral-level program. In the USM DPT you'll learn from expert faculty in a program that integrates core values and professional behaviors with expert didactic education and the acquisition of professional skills in evaluation and treatment. 

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Nursing Thumbnail

Saint Mary Nursing

Saint Mary nurses have a reputation for excellence. USM offers multiple paths: the traditional face-to-face BSN, an online RN-to-BSN program, the 12-month accelerated BSN, and the new Master of Science in Nursing.

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Athletic Training Thumbnail

Athletic Training

USM’s Athletic Training program prepares students to work in a variety of settings — combining hands-on clinical education experiences and comprehensive classroom coursework in preventative medicine, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries, and medical conditions.

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Exercise Science Thumbnail

Exercise Science

Join a growing health care field with USM's new bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. This program blends a liberal arts education with the study of movement and function and the body’s physiological response to exercise.

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Health Information Management

Health information management at USM is a specialized technical field in high demand throughout the industry – from hospitals and physician offices to research facilities and public health agencies. 

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Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare Informatics pros are highly-trained and exceptional thinkers who work behind the front lines to keep the infrastructure that powers health care running effectively and efficiently.

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Pre-Professional Health Paths

From pre-medicine and pre-osteopathy to pre-dentistry and pre-podiatry, USM's expert science faculty can help you design a course of study that will ensure your success in the health industry.

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Biomedical Sciences

A unique 3+4 path for top-flight students that can place you in medical school after just three years of undergraduate studies, without ever taking the MCAT.

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Human Biology

USM's new 3+4 path for top students that could have you in Chiropractic school after just three years of undergraduate studies.

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Medical Laboratory Science

A practical degree field that prepares students for careers in hospital laboratories, physicians' offices, blood banks, and diagnostic labs.

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Traditional Undergraduate Natural Sciences

For many students, the path to a health care career starts with a major in either biology or chemistry. Learn about the building blocks of life and the world around you as you lay the foundation of your future.