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Apply Now! At USM, our staff will make every effort to move you through the admissions process as quickly and hassle-free as possible. We’re here to help you succeed in achieving your higher education and career goals.

Each graduate and undergraduate degree-completion program at USM has its own admissions requirements. This includes various minimum GPA requirements as well as specific documentation that must be provided for admission.  Consult the individual program pages for more specific information.

Graduate Programs

Degree Completion Programs

Online Degree Programs

Regardless of your program, generally, you’ll need to provide a few things:

For graduate programs

  • A completed application and $25 application fee

  • Official transcripts from the school where you completed your bachelor’s degree

For degree-completion programs

  • Completed application and $25 application fee

  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities attended

If you have any questions about admissions requirements or eligibility, call 913-319-3003 or fill out our request information form, and we will contact you shortly.