Evening & Graduate Programs

Degree-Completion: Elementary Education

Curriculum and Graduation Requirements

Apply Now! USM’s adult degree-completion program offers you the same high quality education of as the university’s traditional undergraduate program in a more convenient and flexible accelerated evening format.

Elementary Education is a requirement for those who want to teach in elementary school, grades K-6.

The USM adult degree-completion program is geared toward students who have completed roughly two years of college (approximately 60 credit hours).

USM requires the successful completion of 128 credit hours to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Core Courses

General Education Courses

IDEA Seminar I
IDEA Seminar II

History — six credit hours from the following areas

  • U.S. History

  • European History

  • Electives

English — nine credit hours, comprised of two electives and a literature course

Oral Communications — three credit hours

Art — three credit hours

Social and Behavioral Science — six credit hours from the following areas:

  • Psychology of Childhood & Adolescence (required)

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • Government

  • Political Science

  • Geology

Science and Math — nine credit hours from the following areas:

  • Natural Science with Lab

  • Physical Science with Lab

  • Math


Elementary Education Core Classes

Professional Educational: Foundation Core

  • ED 402 — Foundations of Education: Social, Cultural, Philosophical, and Historical (includes field Experience)

  • ED 428 — Psychological Foundations

  • ED 430 — Educating Exceptional Children & Youth

Professional Educational: Curriculum Core

  • ED 411 — Teaching Social Studies in Diverse Settings

  • ED 412 — Seminar I: Curriculum & Assessment in Diverse Settings (includes field experience)

  • ED 466  — Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School

  • ED 460 — Aesthetic Experience in Elementary School

  • ED 522 — Methods of Teaching Diverse Learners

  • ED 467 — Teaching Science and Health in Elementary School

  • ED 573 — Integrated Reading and Language Arts Methods

  • ED 579 — Supervised Reading Instruction (includes field experience)

Final Semester

  • ED 590 — Seminar III: Professional Collaborations

  • ED 594 — Classroom Management and Student Motivation

  • ED 595 — Student Teaching