Evening & Graduate Programs

Degree-Completion: Interdisciplinary Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of my credits transfer?

They generally will, as long as they come from an accredited college or university. You can only have 64 transfer credit hours from a two-year school, so you might have an excessive number of two-year school hours. They will transfer and show up on your transcript, but they will not count toward your degree.


How long will it take to finish my degree?

There is no firm answer to this. Usually there are several factors to consider:

  • How many credit hours you are transferring to USM?

  • How many classes you want to take each term?

  • The rotation of classes between the sites


Where will my classes be held?

USM offers classes at our conveniently located Overland Park Campus, on our historic Main Campus in Leavenworth, and—for some programs—online. The location of your classes may vary by program.


Is this an accelerated program?

Yes. Other than elementary education, most of the classes are in an 8-week format. Classes start August (Fall I), October (Fall II), January (Spring I), March (Spring II) and May (Summer Session).


What do I need to be admitted?

  • An application with a $25 application fee

  • An official transcript from any other college or university that you have attended

  • A 2.0 cumulative grade point average in your previous coursework