Evening & Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education

Graduation Requirements

Apply Now! To successfully complete USM’s Master of Arts in Education program, you must:

  • Complete of all your course work and your final summary portfolio within five years of initial enrollment

  • Participate in assessment activities

  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher

  • Pay off all fees

The program consists of 11 courses totaling 31 credit hours. Some of the 11 courses are offered online. Most students complete the graduate education program in two years, by taking one class each term—including the summer term—and presenting their summary portfolio during their final term.

Course Rotation

Required courses are offered in a rotation at least once a year. The 10 required three-credit hour courses may be taken in any sequence, ending with the one-credit hour Summary Portfolio. See our Course Descriptions tab for more information on courses.

  • ED 720 Curriculum Design and Assessment

  • ED 723 Research in Education

  • ED 724 Cultural Diversity and Education

  • ED 726 Education of the Exceptional Learner

  • ED 727 Legal Issues in Education

  • ED 728 Instructional Technology

  • ED 732 Political and Ethical Structures in Education

  • ED 733 Diagnostic Procedures and Instructional Approaches

  • ED 734 Adult Education

  • ED 737 Leadership and Change in Education

  • ED 799 Seminar: Summary Portfolio (one credit hour)