Evening & Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Psychology


The University of Saint Mary Master of Arts in Psychology program is designed to help you advance your professional development, improve your researching, assessment, and critical thinking skills, and hone your ability to apply psychological knowledge.

Classes are taught by faculty members who have expertise in a variety of mental health areas. Our instructors hold doctorate degrees in psychology or related fields, and the majority have practiced in mental health settings.

In the graduate psychology program, you’ll learn:

  • Group, social and cultural influences, as well as cognitive, developmental and biological influences on behavior

  • Recommended treatments and diagnostic indicators for major mental disorders

  • Basic concepts used in behavioral research and the ability to evaluate empirical research; design research proposals; and communicate ideas effectively

  • Common ethical issues in the mental health profession

  • Self-evaluation techniques that identify personal strengths and weaknesses that may impact your career development

The curriculum calls for 28 credit hours of core psychology courses and nine credit hours of electives. See our course descriptions tab for more specific information on courses.

Core Courses

All core classes are three credit hours unless otherwise indicated, and are offered in a rotation.

  • PY 720 Historical Foundations of Psychology

  • PY 721 Advanced Social Psychology

  • PY 723 Advanced Psychopathology

  • PY 730 Methods of Research and Assessment

  • PY 731 Statistical Analysis in Counseling and Therapy

  • PY 741 Issues in Ethics and Professional Development

  • PY 744 Career Development and Counseling

  • PY 750 Counseling Theories

  • PY 751 Group Processes in Counseling and Therapy

  • PY 780 Summary Portfolio (one credit hour)


Your nine credit hours of electives may include up to six credit hours from another academic department with approval from the graduate psychology program director.

  • PY 733 Developmental and Cognitive Assessment

  • PY 734 Personality Assessment for Counselors and Therapists

  • PY 745 Cognitive Processes

  • PY 746 Psychopharmacology for Counselors and Therapists

  • PY 748 Multicultural Counseling

  • PY 749 Helping Relationship Skills