Evening & Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education: Special Education


Education Department Chair

Gwen Landever, Ed.D., Director of Education Programs at the Overland Park Campus; B.S., M.S., University of Kansas; Ed.D., Baker University
(913) 319-3009

Dr. Gwen Landever has taught both regular and gifted education students ranging in age from preschool to high school—as well as adult learners—since 1993.  She recently earned her doctorate in educational leadership and hopes to build on her new skills as she leads the graduate and undergraduate education programs at the Overland Park Campus. She is interested in using technology and innovative programs to meet the learning needs of traditional and multigenerational students who are seeking degrees advanced degrees.

Ollie Bogdon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Director of Education Programs, Overland Park Campus; B.S. and M.S., Cornell University, Ph.D., University of Missouri—Kansas City (913) 319.3009

Dr. Ollie Bogdon joined the University of Saint Mary faculty in 2012.  She brings content specialties in STEM and adult education with over 20 years of professional development training and teaching in higher education. Prior to joining the University of Saint Mary faculty, Dr. Bogdon worked with NASA Education Programs for 8 years.  Her educational drive: improving education, helping teachers gain the skills to educate learners, and encourage the journey of life-long learning tocontribute to the well-being of our global society.

Other Full-Time Faculty

Stuart Phipps, Ph.D., Assistant Professor & Field Experience Coordinator; B.A., Avila College, M.A.T., Emporia State University; Ed.S., Ph.D., University of Missouri—Kansas City
(913) 758.4300

Dr. Stuart Phipps joined the University of Saint Mary faculty in 2012.  He was a high school teacher and curriculum coordinator in Kansas public schools for twenty years and has served as a professional resource to schools and agencies in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.  He is especially interested in teachers’ beliefs, thinking and development.

Adjunct Faculty

Randall Bagby, Education
B.A., Friends University; M.A. Wichita State University; Ed.D. Kansas State University

Maureen Hogan, Education
B.S., University of Missouri, Columbia;
M.A., University of Missouri-Kansas City

Sharrilyn Honacki, Education
B.S., M.A., Northern Arizona University; Building-level Administrative Endorsement, University of Kansas

Kimberly Mitchell, Education
B.S., M.S., Emporia State University

Eric Punswick, Education
B.S., Western Illinois University; M.A., Baker University; Ed.D., University of Kansas 

Debbie Taylor, Education
M.Ed. Kansas State University; B.S. University of Saint Mary