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Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree in psychology?

No. Applicants not majoring in psychology may be accepted if they have completed coursework in the following areas:

  • general or introductory psychology

  • social psychology or personality psychology

  • developmental psychology

  • psychological disorders

  • statistics

Exceptions may be made. After reviewing your application materials, the program coordinator will determine if you have demonstrated the ability to be successful in a graduate psychology program.


What are the qualifications of the faculty?

Our classes are taught by a balanced combination of both full-time and adjunct faculty who have expertise in numerous areas of psychology. Faculty in the graduate psychology program hold doctorate degrees in psychology or related fields. The majority have practiced in the mental health field.


Does this program prepare students for licensure in the mental health field?

USM’s program offers the coursework needed to pursue licensure as a Professional Counselor (LPC) in Missouri or Kansas, or for licensure as a Masters Level Psychologist (LMLP) in Kansas. Students wishing to pursue licensure as a LPC in Missouri complete a program which is 48 credit hours and includes a six-credit practicum. Students wishing to pursue licensure as a LPC or LMLP in Kansas complete a program which is 60 credit hours including a 15-credit hour practicum. The USM program does not guarantee licensure, which is granted by the individual states.


What if I am not interested in pursuing licensure?

The general M.A. Psychology Degree may help students to pursue continued study in psychology. It is recommended that students wishing to pursue doctoral degrees research the admission requirements of programs in their area of interest. Many students also pursue the M.A. Psychology Degree in order to advance in a related field.


How long does it take to complete the program?

The length of time needed to complete the program depends on your professional goals and whether or not you plan to take classes full or part-time. Courses are offered once a year and follow a rotation. The minimum time required to complete coursework for any of the three licensure options is two academic years. It is recommended that, at the outset of your program, you work with your adviser to establish a program of study which maps out the course sequences and timing for to meet all of your degree requirements.


What do I need to know about practicum?

Students pursuing the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology will complete a practicum at a site approved by the graduate psychology program director. You will enroll in practicum after you have completed the necessary prerequisite coursework. Although some practicum activities can be completed during the evening, successful completion of the practicum may require you to have some availability in your schedule during the normal work week.


Does the university assist the student in finding a practicum placement?

We will assist you in finding a practicum placement that is in line with your interests. Students have pursued placements in a variety of settings, such as psychiatric hospitals, mental health centers, private practice, neuropsychological assessment, and others.


Is financial aid available?

Yes, contact the Financial Aid Office at the University of Saint Mary by calling1-800-752-7043 or visit our Financial Aid page for payment plans or Call 913-345-8288 for payment options.